I posted this elsewhere but sharing again. You touch on this but to me this gets to the heart of why so many voted and continue to support him.

All that you say is true. What is also unnerving to me is how willingly his followers/voters buy into the "grievance, victim, fault and blame the other, and lack of responsibility for one's own life and choices". This is compounded by the explosion of "big lies". (which is amplified by sm, alternate reality world). To use an old phrase "Trump lies and they swear to it." This is further compounded when they lie and he swears to it via retweet. The circle closes for them.

One mistake we "never Trumpers" make is the the belief that we can change their minds with facts. It is near impossible since facts as we know them simply don't matter.

They believe what they want to believe. This is grounded in deep seated emotions that are beyond or beneath rationality. Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias all wrapped into bizarro bubble Trumpworld.




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