“It is what it is”

2 min readAug 20, 2020

I wrote to a friend pre and post her DNC talk that I adored Michelle. My friend asked why? I wrote isn’t it obvious? If you know me and you observe her you should not need to ask the question. It is what it is!

There are at least two facets to that adoration. One, of course, was/is her appeal to going high. Truth be told it is a struggle these days to locate that best or better part of me. My personal dark side seems so close to the surface that it is provoked at the smallest provocation. Most of those provocations come from the current nameless occupant/homesteader in the WH. Going “high” is surely aspirational most days.What the hell! For my generation “high” means something entirely different. Is there a difference between “getting high” and “going high”? Assuredly. Nevertheless, Michelle’s appeal is to my better self. It is, let’s say, a work in progress.

The second facet of the adoration is of her ability to throw shade. Is there anybody better at it? She took his (you know whose) words, flung them back at him in such a way as to make them stick…. for all time. Now, he won’t get it for sure…but, perhaps, a few, hopefully voters will.

“I take no responsibility”

“it is what it is”!

If you added “ I didn’t do it” would it remind you of anything?

Is there a word for weaponized shade? If so, Michelle, nailed it.

Surely, “it is what it is”