Teal Organizational Readiness Assessment — Try It!

3 min readMar 17, 2017


Do you know your cholesterol levels? How about blood sugar? Blood pressure? Weight?

Collectively, these are your biometric numbers and medical professionals urge each and every one of us to know our numbers.

And this has everything to do with your business.

Body of Health

Despite what folklore preaches; what you don’t know can hurt you. Your biometric numbers are indicators of how your bodily system is functioning. If your numbers are in the danger zone, you need medical attention before you develop a condition that takes an exhausting, irreversible toll on your physical, financial, and mental reserves.

Body of Business

Your organization is no different. What would your ideal biometric numbers be on a daily basis for a healthy body? Replace numbers with tasks and roles. What would a virtuoso in his or her role be doing on a daily basis for your healthy company (or team)?

If you know what a virtuoso would be doing for your company, you surely have a structure in place that allows them to do it.

No? Well, why not?

We all know the complexity of the answer to that question. So let’s think about how to get to a yes.

You cannot simply wake up one day and be in optimal physical and mental health. That only comes with changing the way you manage your body. The same is true for your organization.

Frederic Laloux in his seminal book, Reinventing Organizations, asks, “Can we create organizations that are free from the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace?”

Those pathologies are the interference that prevent your employees, your virtuosos, from attaining the highest level of performance for the betterment of the company. Rooting out these pathologies means your organization needs to know its numbers.

You cannot fix what you don’t know.

Organizational Biometrics

As introduced in a previous post, The Teal Organization Readiness Assessment is a complimentary assessment organized around four operational categories; structure, human resources, daily life, organizational practice.

There are 4–7 questions for each category. Answer these and you’ll receive:

  • A starting point for moving your organization to Teal with interpretation of your overall score.
  • Scores and interpretation for each category.
  • Recommended tools and resources tailored to your responses to help guide and further your organization’s progression to Teal and improving key performance indicators.

Be the Change Agent

It’s the goal of Beyond Teal to engage you in the conversation to achieving a Teal organization. By using the Teal Organization Readiness Assessment you can join the Beyond Teal conversation and bring yourself to action! You can use the tool on your own or tap into Beyond Teal to deepen your engagement.

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